The Bible, The Power of the Word

The Power of the Word in the Bible is a gigantic project designed to examine every single word in the Pentateuch – and find additional meaning between the lines.


Has anyone wondered:


Who made the first powerful speech in the Bible?

Who was the first businessman?

What did God say the 6th day.....

The Qur’an and Biblical Origins

Find out how Judaism and Christianity have affected Islam in Asher P. Elkayam’s well-researched work!

In this book, Elkayam clearly explains how a nomadic nation became one of the most powerful nations such that, with stunning speed and in a period of just ten years, the Moslem and Arab armies expanded over half of the known world. In a captivating style, he analyzes.....

One Family, Four Cultures, and Four Continents

This fascinating book, One Family, Four Cultures and Four Continents, by Asher Elkayam, depicts the adventures of a child growing up in Morocco and goes through political and historical events which happened in his childhood and focused on a pivotal year: 1956

Mr. Elkayam writes about the beauty of childhood and the innocence thereof, the neighborhood, the nature, the education, the typical things,.....

Love and Romance in the Bible

This book is a comprehensive study where Elkayam examines love and romance in the Bible, the role of a woman, sex and how women changed the world. The Bible describes both the good and the evil in women. They influenced the course of history, prepared future leaders, were claimed by so many religions and faith, and compromised entire kingdoms with their attraction.


One Thousand Questions and Answers on Jewels of Knowledge and Trivia

Divided into 10 chapters, One Thousand Questions and Answers on Jewels of Knowledge and Trivia includes 1,000 questions and answers on 10 different topics that include important subjects intended to help readers use their memory in order to retrieve information on subjects they know such as history, geography, religion, science and more. Trivia and curiosity questions are also included. The questions represent the first part of the book......

Jesus Returns and Faces Moses and Aaron As Paul Arrives

This is a fiction book about biblical icons who ‘come back’ to earth in order to listen to and judge their supporters. Jesus comes back and faces Moses and Aaron. For Christians, Jesus is the symbol of purity and deity. For Jews, Moses is the prophet who produced the laws for all humanity. Moses is considered in the book of Genesis to be the humblest of all.....

Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look: 7000 Years of Continuous Evolution

This book is about the survival of the Jewish heritage. While other civilizations vanished through history, the Hebrew culture and heritage persisted through the ages.

Since the giving of the written and oral Torah in Mount Sinai to Moses (estimated time 1313 BCE), the Jewish law has been observed while being debated by the spiritual leaders of the time.

The study and analysis of the Torah of.....

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