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This book is a comprehensive study where Elkayam examines love and romance in the Bible, the role of a woman, sex and how women changed the world. The Bible describes both the good and the evil in women. They influenced the course of history, prepared future leaders, were claimed by so many religions and faith, and compromised entire kingdoms with their attraction.

Love and Romance in the Bible examines how a handful of biblical women became the mothers of many nations and how they became so powerful. It also looks into how sexual attraction and sexual appeal have altered the course of history, how sexual temptations changed and perverted people, how sex, envy, jealousy, lust, and love have never changed in history, and how lust and idolatry have been tied together.

Elkayam utilizes his knowledge and dedication to research to come up with this revealing book that will surely appeal to those who are seeking for truth and wisdom. He has gone through every Hebrew word in the Tannakh and has selectively singled out those paragraphs, phrases and words which best describe the project—translating them to simple English to be more suitable and understandable in modern times. Overall, he believes that the Bible remains a source of inspiration to those who believe in love as a powerful tool for creativity, morality, strength, and hope.