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Find out how Judaism and Christianity have affected Islam in Asher P. Elkayam’s well-researched work!

In this book, Elkayam clearly explains how a nomadic nation became one of the most powerful nations such that, with stunning speed and in a period of just ten years, the Moslem and Arab armies expanded over half of the known world. In a captivating style, he analyzes dozens of books and texts in different languages (including Arabic and Hebrew) and presents in a very lucid manner how the Qur’an was inspired.

Elkayam goes through the wording of the Qur’an and clearly demonstrates the etymology and the source of the words, while making stunning and remarkable linguistic comparisons. The importance of Moslem holidays, and the beauty of its customs and rituals, and their historic inspiration are described in a manner to make the reader understand and relate. The author concludes that true Islam is based on divine precepts for a peaceful world.

The author and his meticulous work dispel all or most of the myths about Islam. This is a must read book for all concerned Moslems, Christians, Jews, and others interested, regardless of religion, to look at Islam and its origins from a historical and intellectual point of view.